Traffic surveillance


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  • Fast and secure image capture

  • Evaluation of all relevant film types or digital images

  • Data transmission to all common OWI procedures

  • Simple and user-friendly operation

  • Automated transaction processing (find, recognize, read, archive)


– Import of image and text data from all manufacturers’ measurement systems approved in Germany
– JenOptik TS330, TS350
– ESO 3.0, ESO 8.0
– Vitronic FM1
– LeivTec XV3.0
– VDS M5
– gatso
– VKS (Vidit)
– and much more
– Provision of the data in an SQL database for further processing in the AS5 Assistant.
– Possibility of importing in manual, automatic or semi-automatic mode
– Use of extensive lists for automatic filling of important fields with data
– possibility to transfer wet film evaluation data from AS4 (film stage)

– Clear preparation of the data provided by AS5 DigitalImport
– Ergonomic working on the new graphical user interface
– Fast post-processing of the digitized process data
– Comprehensive and support for the user in entering and checking data
– Automatic determination of the facts according to the currently valid BKAT
– Powerful license plate recognition with assignment of nationality
– Extensive possibilities of image processing
– Create detail screens
– Hide image sections
– Improve brightness
– increase contrast
– Drawing and printing of guide lines
– Optional access to the archives, processes and images of the processes
– Powerful tool for the use of individual print templates

Tool for research and the compilation of statistics
– Convenient search and display of process data
– Quickly locate stored operations with all data and images
– Meaningful statistics and protocol funct